Professional Services and Deployment Manager in the media and tech industry. I am working with media and broadcast industry leaders on enterprise solutions for more than 20 years.

I love to build and develop teams of professionals, improve or re-design business processes and workflows. As a project manager I am committed to timelines, budgeting, effective resource allocation and professional communication. My goal is to better understand the customer's needs & requirements to be able to deliver precise expert advice and literacy along with high-quality solutions that exceed customer's expectations.

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Hi! This is Viktor.

I am am in the media, broadcast and tech industry for more than 20 years. My backgroud is video and media production and distribution.

Professionalism, authenticity and curiousity are columns of my career.

Yours Sincerely,



  • TH University of Cologne 2003-2008

    University of Applied Sciences | Cologne, Germany

    Media Technology as master. Master Thesis about the digitization of the archive of the German public TV channel PHOENIX.

  • Media Service and Broadcast QA Engineer 2007-2009

    CBC Cologne Broadcast Center | Cologne, Germany

    Media services for a variety of German broadcasters from ingest, archiving, editing to distribution. As media service engineer, I was working on file transfers, signal transmission, ingest, video transcoding. Video quality assurance of live sport events and high quality longform shows.

  • Service and Support Engineer in Enterprise Media workflow solutions 2009-2012

    Telestream GmbH | Bonn, Germany

    Providing remote and on-site services and support for media hardware and software products. Working closely with broadcasters in EMEA region. Creating and supporting media file management workflows along with reproducing and reporting issues.

  • Escalation Specialist 20012-2016

    Telestream GmbH | Bonn, Germany

    Liaison between enterprise customer service & support and software engineering, product management and QA. Reporting, documenting and prioritization of customer’s technical issues and feature requests.

  • Professional Services and Deployment Manager 2016-2023

    Telestream LLC | Nevada City, CA

    Managing the field deployment team for enterprise software and hardware products for media ingest, transcoding, file workflow management and QC. Experience with on- prem, public & private cloud and hybrid as well as high security environments. Gathering customer’s requirements, developing Statement of Work documents for professional services engagements and tailored solutions. Project managing the implementation and commissioning. Salesforce power-user in creating reports along with data administration and analysis.

  • Professional Training June 2023

    Sacramento Area | Grass Valley, CA

    Positioning myself for the next chapter of my professional career. Currently using LinkedInLearning, Coursera and Udemy to refresh and add some skills: Strategic Leadership, Amazon AWS Cloud Practitioner, Google Certified Project Management.

what i do

Broadcast Engineering

More than 20 years of experience in the Broadcast industry. Ingest, prodcution, archive, distribution.

Strategic Leadership

Developing and managing teams. Creating and adjusting business processes and workflows.

Software Development Life Cycle

15 years of experience in a tech media software and hardware manufacturer. Various roles within the development cycle, from support, pro services, project management and escalation specialist.

Project Management

Monitoring and orchestrating large number of projects with and for private entertainment and telecommunication networks, venture capital firms and goverment argencies.

IT Professional

Linux, Windows Server OS, MSSQL database administration. Network and cloud infrastructure architect


Salesforce power-user in creating reports along with data administration and analysis.

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